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The #1 Overlooked Reason Your Cold Emails Aren’t Getting Replies

Cold emails are notorious for low reply rates. Yet, most salespeople sending these emails often overlook the most obvious reason they get ignored: they have the wrong contact info for their leads.

It’s not rocket science … Even the best leads in the world are worth nothing if you can’t get a hold of them. 

But most salespeople have no clue just how wrong their leads’ contact info is and how much it hurts their sales…

If you source your leads from a data broker, odds are up to 30% of all your leads have bad contact info. 

That’s SO many missed sales opportunities. So, so many.

Why do I have bad contact info?

Leads come from all sorts of places: LinkedIn, website visits, data brokers, web scrapers, lead gen companies, and so forth.

The common denominator —> all these companies specialize in helping you find leads… not accurate contact information. They may be fantastic at identifying leads but not finding their emails & mobiles.

BUT WAIT, their website told me it’s “Verified, 99% Accurate Data.”


1) You’re reading this article, it probably wasn’t all that verified and accurate. 

2) Verified & Accurate don’t refer to whether the email address belongs to the right person. It refers to whether the email address is deliverable.

There is a huge difference:

Both and could be 98% accurate regarding deliverability…

… BUT while one of these emails may land you a spot on Shark Tank, the other one will land you a visit to the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, TX. 

How do I find more accurate contact info for my leads?

What you need is a product that lands you in the intended person’s inbox, not just lands you in some random inbox.

Cue the shameless plug of our product, Archer.

Before you jump….I know, I know…. But, I promise it’s worth a read if you want to squeeze an extra few leads out of your current lists!

Why Archer?

The whole reason we built this product is because we were doing sales ourselves and got tired of bouncing emails and not getting replies from Mark Cuban. 

We wanted a product that could unlock a few extra leads a month and put us ahead of our competition.

That’s what we did. We built a simple, pay-as-you-go email finder tool that delivers…

→ 80-90 percent of searches found AND 

→ 90+ percent of contacts have accurate contact info

There is no other tool on the market that finds this many emails that are actually accurate.

That’s not just a slogan. After a quick sign-up, you can see our accuracy with 10 test credits. Look up yourself, your colleagues, and your business partners, and you will see what we are talking about! 

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